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are you stupid? they were slaves they where picking cotton during blizzards

great grand daughter of a slave

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Q: Did slaves pick cotton in the rain?
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How do slaves pick cotton?

Slaves pick cotton by hand.

What did slaves do when they were free?

pick cotton

What increased the need for slaves in the south?

the creation of the cotton gin. more slaves were needed to pick cotton than to pick the seeds from it

Why were slaves needed to pick and grow cotton after the cotton gin was invented?

Slaves were the free labor that the farmers needed to harvest the cotton>

Why was the growing of cotton linked to slavery?

slaves were used on plantations to grow and pick the cotton

Did slaves have to pick King cotton?

Yes, slaves had to pick king cotton; "King Cotton" is just another name for Cotton during the times of slavery before the American Civil War. It was a phrase used in those times since cotton was so important.

What impact did the cotton gin have on the US?

bye helping slaves with there cotton pick and turning into clothes

The growing demand for slaves led to an increase in the U.S.?

The growth of the cotton plantation demanded more slaves to work, pick, and grown the cotton. In looking at statistics of the numbers of bales of cotton there is a relationship to the number of slaves. More cotton meant more slaves.

What was the slave role?

In the Southern States, slaves did almost all of the work. The Southern states relied heavily on cotton and they had slaves do the work. Slaves would pick cotton which isn't very pleasant, and before the Cotton Gin, slaves had to seperate the cotton fibers from their seeds.

What sort of work did the slaves do in the us?

Pick cotton in the south and clean

How slave labor was used in the production of cotton?

Slaves were used to plant, tend, pick, and process the cotton.

How is cotton picked?

Cotton is currently picked by machine. They used to have slaves pick the cotton in the south by hand. You seem to have forgotton the people (both white & black) that picked cotton after the slaves & before the cotton picking machines.