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just like different people exist now, they existed then, not all slave owners stood above them with whips. Understand also that some slaves were trusted with children and were "house" slaves/ caregivers and treated as "help" is treated these days. With that considered their "home" was the only home they knew, if there was a place to go, it may not have been better then where they were now. I would suggest that most slaves who escaped, escaped from the south/plantations, where slaves were on fields all day & treated at worst in masses. Lastly, the reprecussions of escaping also

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Q: Why does Douglass believe that more slaves do not try to escape?
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When did hariet Tubman escape from slavery?

Yes she did, and when she escaped she helped over 300 more slaves escape as well !

How many slaves did Harriet Tubman help escape?

Harriet Tubman saved more than 300 slaves to freedom to the North.

Did harriet Tubman help to free hundred of slaves?

Yes, but it was probably more like thousands of slaves. She was one of the founders of the Underground Railroad, an escape route used by slaves.

What two groups did Douglass believe deserved more freedom?

council for women rights black rights

What service does Douglass offer his fellow slaves at William Freeland's?

He offer a literacy lessons to his fellow slaves. He taught other slaves how to read and write at Sunday school. More than 40 member of slave are interesting to attend Sunday school.

How many ways did slaves escape?

slaves escaped so many ways that there probably wasn't any certain number of ways. More than likely around 50!!

Did Sparta have more slaves than Athens?

I believe it was Sparta, because Sparta had 50 thousand slaves. Sorry if it didn't help.

Why were laws passed that denied slaves many rights?

The reason why these laws were passed that denied a slaves' many rights is because the laws made it more difficult for enslaved people to escape.

What two groups did Frederick Douglass believe deserved more freedom?

council for women rights black rights

Conductor who helped slaves escape thorugh the underground railroad?

Harriet Tubman was the most famous Conductor, although there were many more

How many people did Harriet Tubman help escape slavery?

Approxiamately 300 slaves were freed by harriet tubman.. Approxiamately 300 slaves were freed by harriet tubman..

Who did not try to help slaves escape?

Thier Master of Course But Many People wWanted slaves Free Though More People Wanted Them Not there Was Ther Civil War Then Ab Lincoln Signed a Law That All Slaves Were free ;] Good luck