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That some thing is not right and that you should go and see a Doctor.

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Q: What does it means when your period stays on for months?
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Why is your period is 2 months late?

Normally it means you are pregnant

What happen if you miss your period for 5 months?

It means ur pregnant

How long will giraffes fetus stay in the mother's womb?

The gestation period (time that the foetus stays in the womb) for giraffes is 14-15 months.

What word means occurring every four months?

Quarterly (in other words 12 months divided by 4)

What does within three months mean?

"Within three months" means before the end of the three-month period or at any time during the duration of the three months.

How long does the night last on December 21st at the north pole?

At the north pole, the sun stays down for six months. December 21 is the middle of that period.

A young owl stays with its parents for how many months?

8 months

What does 6 month probation mean?

It means the person is on probation for a period of 6 months.

How long till the Wombat gives birth?

Wombats have a gestation period of 20 to 22 days.The wombat joey then stays in its mother's pouch for around six months.

What happens when car is not started in several months?

It stays not started for several months.

Im two months late on my period?

this currently means that either your stressed out or you are on birth controls

How long does a zygote stays in the uterus of a woman?

The zygote stays in the uterus of a woman is 9 months......