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It stays not started for several months.

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Q: What happens when car is not started in several months?
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If you have a car repossession can it be settled if in several months you go into bankruptcy?

If by settled, you mean get your car back, no, unless the bankruptcy was filed before the car was sold at auction (unlikely to be several months).

My car hasn't started in months?

charge the battery should be ok

Can you file a police report months after a car accident?

Yes you can file it several months after it has happened. However, it will be noted on the accident report that the event occurred several months ago and when you turn it in to your insurance company they will see that and probably deny your claim.

Can abscesses form several months after accident Can abscesses take several months to be caught showing up only when mengitis is diagnoised?

Menigitis was diagnoised. Testing showed several abscesses in back then also right hip. Can these abscesses be caused from a car accident 4 months ago?

The problem started a few months ago and is now happening more frequently. When turning the key to start the car it just clicks several times and then finally starts. Is it a sensor or the ignition?

sounds as if the starter is going bad.

What happens when the car starts but the key won't start the car?

If the Car didn't start with the key turning the ignition then the car was "hotwired" to turn the Car on.If the key did not start the car, how was it started.

When can the government repossess property such as a car?

when you arent making payments for several months when you dont pay your taxes

What happens is a car is sold for less than it was purchased for five months ago?

Someone lost money.

What happens when you receive two speeding tickets within 2 months in Ohio?

They take your car and beat you with it

What happens if a car is already started and you turn the ignition to start it again?

you burn out your starter or your fly wheedl

How many months can the bank reposession your car in New York?

It usually will take up to 2-3 months, they will call you with several options to see if there is anyway to figure a way for you to stay in the car.

What should i do i have not started my car for 4 months and now it will not start when i put the key in the ignition?

kick that SOB til it starts