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The guy wants to be friends but doesn't want to have a relationship. This is mostly referred to as possible FWB (friends with benefits).

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Q: What does it means when a guy says lets be friends with no expectations?
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What is vomitos amigos?

vomitos means to vomit but what Dora says is vamanos meaning lets go and amigos is friends. Lets go friends! is what she says

When a girl says lets be friends?

I'm sorry but normally that means she doesn't want to go out with you

What does it mean when a guy says lets be friends with no sex?

It literally means the same. He wants to have a healthy relationship with no relationship, drama, or sex.

When a guy says lets be friends and see what happens?

That means he is attracted by you and like to make love( to be straight: sex) with you. He starts the relationship smooth using friendship as a cause.

What does it mean when a girl says lets stay in touch?

She wants to be friends, but maybe you've not realized this.

What does it mean if a guy says to a girl friends then?

it means he wants to be friends.

Extract kabuliwallah's conversation with the young mini?

lets be friends even though society says we shouldn't.

What does a man mean when he says ' lets just be friends '?

When a man says that-he most probably means that he dosent love the girl in a relationship way and dosent want to have a love relationship with her. It means he just wants to be friends, no relationship

When your ex says lets take it slow what does that means?

it usally means that there in a relationship or he might just be a nice guy

It's never over till it's over?

it means that its not over til that person says it is , lets say youre in a relashionship and your boyfriend says that to you,that means its not over till your boyfriend says it is .

Should you believe him if he says he just wants to be friends?

If he says he just wants to be friends that means he just wants to be friends so YES you should believe him.

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Click on there it says which day it is. Example: Day 2. Click on Day