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That means he is attracted by you and like to make love( to be straight: sex) with you. He starts the relationship smooth using friendship as a cause.

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2011-03-13 23:35:21
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Q: When a guy says lets be friends and see what happens?
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What does it means when a guy says lets be friends with no expectations?

The guy wants to be friends but doesn't want to have a relationship. This is mostly referred to as possible FWB (friends with benefits).

What does it mean when a guy says lets be friends with no sex?

It literally means the same. He wants to have a healthy relationship with no relationship, drama, or sex.

What do you do when the guy wants to sleep with you and you say no and then when you ask him lets go out as friends he says no?

You grab him by the arm and pull him then put him in the bed and he will probablty like it.

What does it mean when a guy says he wants to hang out with you and his guy friends?

That he wants to hang out with you and his guy friends.

What does a guy mean when he says you are nice?

Lets have sex babe

When a guy is firends with a girl that says she don't like him like that but yet lets him sleep in her bed and has the keys to her home?

shes close friends with the boy and trusts him dearly

What does it mean if a guy says to a girl friends then?

it means he wants to be friends.

What do you think about a guy who says he has no friends?

He wants to be your friend:)

When a guy says lets go for a walk what is the inference?

he probably wants to talk with you alone.

What does it mean when a girl is behing a guy and the girl stops he stops and he says he says lets go and he still follows you?

I don't get it...

What if you asked the guy if he likes you he says what do you mean?

I think the guy just wants to be friends so basically you are DEFINITELY in the friends zone!

What happens when a guy doesn't talk with you or your friends?

He becomes 'emo'

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