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It's still just menstrual fluid. This happens a day or so before you really start bleeding, and it tends to be brown at the end of your period. Older blood turns brown. Your period is more than blood. It's totally normal.

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Q: What does it mean when your on your period and brown discharge comes out instead of blood?
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Why is period brown?

Brown simply means old blood. It's normal if your period is light.Blood that has mixed with discharge and taken time to leave your body can turn brown - just like blood from any other part of your body may go brown.

What happens if you have your period and your blood is red then the next day its brown?

Brown discharge is spotting, it is small amounts of blood leaving your body but because they're taking time to leave the body it goes brown. This is normal towards the end of your period.

What is the brown stuff that comes out when you your period?

Dead blood cells!

Does having discharge means your period is coming?

No, having discharge doesn't mean your period is coming.You start getting discharge as you enter puberty - your first period will start within four years of starting puberty, but just having discharge isn't an indicator of your period coming any time soon. During your menstrual cycles discharge changes due to hormonal changes so you may notice fertile cervical mucus or heavier discharge as a sign your period is on it's way but if you're new to menstruation it may be hard to spot these changes. You may get pink or brown discharge leading up to your period too, this is called spotting, but you may not always see this.

How many days does implantation bleeding last?

Implantation bleeding is usually a little bit of spotting over 1 or 2 days, nothing like a period. Answer 1-3 days its just a little bit of blood you can get it in discharge as well. It can be brown/pink/red it can be stringy/thick mine was stringy pink blood in discharge which just happened once in a day. From Pink Princess