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It could mean that you are pregnant. If you have not settled into the normal 28 day cycle you could also be fine. Try a home pregnancy test.

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Q: What does it mean when you miss a menstrual cycle 1 month?
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Do you conceive the same month you miss your menstrual?

Most likely if you missed a cycle you may all ready be pregnant.

Is it normal to have a regular monthly menstrual cycle and suddenly miss a month 6 months after giving birth?

yes if youare pregnant....

What does it mean when you miss your menstrual cycle three times?

you could be pregnant or fake pregnancy .(where your body thinks you are but your not)

Is it normal to miss up to 3 months of your menstrual cycle?

It's normal to miss even more than that if you're pregnant.

Why is my menstrual cycle starting 7 days earlier evey month now?

Are you counting by the calendar days? Usually the cycle is in sync with the phases of the moon, meaning you will have 13 cycles a year, not once a month which would be 12 cycles.

Can anti inflammatory pills affect the menstrual cycle?

No, taking an anti-inflammatory drug cannot make you miss a period. Menstruation is controlled by your menstrual cycle and hormonal changes that occur, you ovulate and then you menstruate, if you miss ovulation then you miss a period - this has nothing to do with your medication at all.

Is it normal to miss up to 6 months of your menstrual cycle and your not pregnant and not taking any meds or pregnancy pills?

NO probably not

Could your thyroid cause you to miss a period?

Having a thyroid condition can affect a woman's menstrual cycle. The thyroid autoimmune conditions Graves' disease and Hashitmoto's thyroiditis can also affect one's menstrual cycle. For those with Hashimoto's and hypothyroidism, the result can be heavy and/or irregular menstrual cycles. For those with hyerpthyroidism and Graves' disease there can be a change in one's menstrual pattern.

What can cause a woman to miss her menstrual cycle other than pregnancy?

* stress * birth control * poor diet * illness * change in medications

Is it unusual to receive your menstrual cycle 8 days early?

Not really. Bodies aren't clockwork and can easily miss a beat for unknown reasons.

What does it mean when you miss your menstrual period for 8 months?

you might be preggers. sorry :[ talk to your doctor about it

When does mother missed menstrual period?

mothers miss menstrual period when she is pregnant.