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It's normal to miss even more than that if you're pregnant.

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Q: Is it normal to miss up to 3 months of your menstrual cycle?
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Is it normal to miss up to 6 months of your menstrual cycle and your not pregnant and not taking any meds or pregnancy pills?

NO probably not

Is it normal to have a regular monthly menstrual cycle and suddenly miss a month 6 months after giving birth?

yes if youare pregnant....

Is it normal to miss your next period or have an irregular cycle after stopping taking the pill?

Yes this is normal. Your period should return to a normal cycle within 3 months.

What does it mean when you miss a menstrual cycle 1 month?

It could mean that you are pregnant. If you have not settled into the normal 28 day cycle you could also be fine. Try a home pregnancy test.

Can heavy intake of salt affect menstrual cycle?

Yes, when i was young i would have salt on everything, i was about 14 when i got my first period because of the amount of salt i have had. Salt can make your menstrual cycle messed, sometimes id miss 2 months. Today i cant conceive children because of the damage salt has done to me.

What does it mean when you miss your menstrual cycle three times?

you could be pregnant or fake pregnancy .(where your body thinks you are but your not)

What does it mean when you miss your menstrual period for 8 months?

you might be preggers. sorry :[ talk to your doctor about it

Is it normal to miss your menstrual for over 6 months?

Depending on your age, you could be experiencing menopause or you could be pregnant, but you should already notice if you're pregnant. Consult a doctor if none of these are the case.

Do you conceive the same month you miss your menstrual?

Most likely if you missed a cycle you may all ready be pregnant.

Is it normal to miss a period if your cycle has always been fairly regular?


Can anti inflammatory pills affect the menstrual cycle?

No, taking an anti-inflammatory drug cannot make you miss a period. Menstruation is controlled by your menstrual cycle and hormonal changes that occur, you ovulate and then you menstruate, if you miss ovulation then you miss a period - this has nothing to do with your medication at all.

What if you missed your period but you are not pregnant?

it is perfectly normal. some grils/women miss their menstrual period and it doesn't necessarily mean that you are pregnant. but if u have not gotten it for like 6 months then u should go talk to your doctor.