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what does it meam when you have a one day period that is very light while on the mini pill

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Q: What does it mean when you have a one day period that is very light while you are on the pill?
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Is it normal to get period cramps while on the pill?

Is it normal to get period cramps while on the pill?

You are taking the pill and your period stopped after 1 day?

It is normal to have light periods or no period at all while birth control.

What does it mean if in your placebo pill week you dont get your period but you spot light brown and stomach cramps and your new to the pill?

That is your withdrawal bleeding. It's going to be lighter and shorter when you're on the pill.

You started the pill on the first day of your period and it stopped after 4 days but has been some light spotting on 6th day does that mean the pill has not worked?

i have never started the pill while on my period i started it the day after.. but if its a new pill that you are starting your body might just begetting used to it, somrtimes it just takes a couple mouths for it to work perfectly. or you can ask your doctor bc the pill you are or might not be the right one for you.

Is it normal for the first few days of your period while on birth control to be very very light practically not there?

You will find that your period is lighter when you are on the pill (or patch or injections).

My girlfriend started the pill a month ago when she started her period this time around her period is weird its light and spotty and its not usually like this is this signs of pregnancy?

No. My girlfriend is on the pill, and sometimes does not get her period at all. A light period is just a sign that the pill is working, so do not be worried.

Very light period?

hi, im on the pill but miss 2 of them in the first week. iv got my period tonight but it very light n look like its going to stop!! what does this mean??

Is it possible to not have your period while on the birth control pill?

Yes it is a side effect of the pills suppressing ovulation - many woman have no period while taking the pill.

Can you get pregnant while on the pill and the week before your period?

Yes. The pill is not always affective.

While taking antibotics you got your period being on the pill do you continue to take your pill?

If you are taking antibiotics, and you got your period while being on the pill, you want to continue to take your pill. Keep in mind that being on antibiotics can lower the affect of the birth control pill.

Is it normal while on the birth control pill for bleeding to become light and barely there on period days?

Yes! In fact that is one of the best side effects of the pill. Many people choose to take it for that purpose.

What does it mean when you are taking the pill and don't start your period on the day it's due?

The pill lightens bleeding. Sometimes it's so light you don't see it at all. If you took the pill correctly, you don't need a pregnancy test. But it's not reasonble to expect your period to start on the exact "due date," even when you're on the pill.