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Yes. The pill is not always affective.

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Q: Can you get pregnant while on the pill and the week before your period?
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Can you get pregnant 2 days before you period if you are on the pill and using protection?

I would say it is 98% unlikely to get pregnant 2 days before you period while you're on the pill and using protection.

You justed started having a regular period while on the pill can you get pregnant now?

You are not likely to get pregnant while you're on the birth control pill.

Can you get pregnant before period but had your period and its heavy?

You can get pregnant at any time nothing is 100% going to stop it - condoms are 98% effective, the pill is 99% effective and getting pregnant while on your period seems impossible, It can happen

Did anyone ever get pregnant while they were on their period?

Yes, it is entirely possible A gal can get pregnant: * before their period * during their period * after their period * PERIOD It's as simple as that and mostly accepted by the medical community. The "Pill" may help prevent pregnancy, but it is not 100% proof positive effective in every case.

You started your pill the Sunday that you started your period you had your period for 2 weeks on the following Sunday you forgot to take your pill and your boyfriend got off inside you could you be pr?

yes. you have to be taking the pill in advance ( 3 months) before you have intercourse. even when taking the pill for a while, there will always be the slight chance of getting pregnant.

What are the chances of you being pregnant if you started taking your pill on the 4th day of your menstrual cycle and then having unprotected sex on the 7th day while continuing to take your pill?

It would depend how long you have been on the pill before. If you have taken the pill for over 7 days then you are protected while you take the 'period gap'. If you have only just started taking the pill the chances are low but you still could become pregnant.

You are on birth control and your period started on the 3rd week on the 3rd day your period ended early on the 2nd day of the placebo pill you had sex on the 6th day can you get pregnant?

There is always a slim chance while on the pill you might get pregnant. However if you have been on the pill for at least a month and have not missed taking it you are probably not pregnant.

Is it normal to get period cramps while on the pill?

Is it normal to get period cramps while on the pill?

If you were on the pill and you stopped taking it a week before your expected period and still had unprotected sex could you be pregnant?

It's possible. The pill works by suppressing ovulation. Depending on when in your cycle you ovulate, will depend on whether you released an egg this cycle or not. Bottom line, I've known women get pregnant while taking the pill continously. If you are worried you may be pregnant, you can do a pregnancy test from the day your period was due. Good luck.

Missed period while on the contraceptive pill?

could possibly be pregnant or pill has high level of progesterone. need to get checked either way though.

Can you still get pregnant if you are on the pill and supposed to get your period but did not get it?

yes you can still get pregnant on the pill. it is very unlikely but it is possible.

Can i get pregnant while on my period?

Yes, so it's important to use protection such as condoms or the Birth Control pill.