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It depends. It could mean you are pregnant. It could also mean that you are under some sort of stress, such as illness, that has delayed your period. It could also be that you are a teenager and your cycles have not become completely regulated yet.

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2014-08-23 18:44:43
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Q: What does it mean if your period does not come on the expected date?
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What does impending period mean?

period is about to come to a complete stop

Can you make your period come down?

What do you mean by come down?

Does it mean your preganent when you come on your period twice?

if you were pregnant you wouldn't have a period

What does it mean when you have symptoms of a period but your period doesn't come?

It means that your period will be here in a few days.

Can a pregnany test show positive before 28 days from your last period?

Yes, they can but are less reliable. If the result is positive, then it is most likely correct, but a negative before the date would mean you should re-do the test if your period fails to appear at the expected time. Blood tests are reliable before a period due date as they pick up much lower level of hcg.

What mean that period come before its time or after?

It means...

What does estimated mailing date mean?

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What does GAEDD mean on a ultrasound picture?

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If your stomac hurts does it mean your about to start your period?

The cramp in your stomach is basically an alarm that your period will come up.

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