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What do you mean by come down?

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Q: Can you make your period come down?
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Would you period come down i your pregnant?

If you're pregnant your period will not come down.

How can you make your period come quicker?

you can not make your period come quicker.

Does Pineapple make you have your period early?

No a pineapple will not make your period come sooner

What can make my period come down if im more than five days late?

Nothing, you will just have to wait for it to come. Be realistic, you have no control over this.

Can vinegar make your period come on faster?

No, vinegar cannot make your period come on faster. When your period starts depends on your menstrual cycle, a hormonal cycle controlled by changes in your brain and reproductive organs, vinegar cannot effect this.

How do you make your period come on?

you can't

How can you let a rabbit come down?

how can you make a rabbit come down

Is there any thing that can be done to make a period come?

Yes. By breaking period

Why do women get discharge before their period?

to prepare for the egg to come down

How do you make you period come next week?

You don't make your period come out at any time. Your period will only occur when it is due - you can't speed-up the process to start menstruating when you're not due.

Does soda make your period come sooner?

No it doesnt

What fruits will make period come faster?