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Yes, it could do. Any illness can make your period late or not come at all

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โˆ™ 2009-04-21 15:18:10
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Q: Could having diarrhea make your period come late?
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What does it mean if you are having menstrual cramping but am not on your period?

It could mean that you are ovulating. It could mean that your period will come soon. Or it could indicate that there is a problem in your ovaries, most likely a cyst.

If you come of your period a day before having unprotectied sex could i still gt pregnant?

Yes. Believe it or not, the period is the most fertile time. You're an idiot for having unprotected sex.

How can you make you period come a week later?

by having period control pills.

What if you had pregnant symptom and was 10 days late for your period but came on and your breast are having milk come out off them?

See your doctor. It could be a miscarriage.

What does it mean if your period doesn't come on?

You could be pregnant, have an irregular cycle, or be having a reaction to birth control measures. See your Dr as soon as possible.

How do you make period come?

You can't make it come, it will do that on its own, but eating healthy and not having your weight fluctuate dramatically helps keep it regular. Also, if you are new to your period, it could be irregular for the first 3 years, don't worry, if it doesn't come on time your not necessarily pregnant

Are you getting back pain due to period no period have not come yet?

during period i am having severe pain in lower abdomen and back

Can diarrhea come from cirrhosis?


Can you eat oatmeal with diarrhea?

You can eat anything when you have diarrhea- it just might not come out okay.

My period has not come in 2 months and the doctor said that I'm not pregnant but could I be?

It depends when you started having your menstrual cycles because in the first couple of months it is hard to find a regular pattern, if not it could be stress.

Can a girl get pregnant if she does not come on her period?

If you have never had a period in your life, you cannot get pregnant. Yes you can get pregnant even if you have not ever had a period. The reason is it could be the first time you have ovulated and then your first period would have come.

Are you having a miscarriage if you experience a period with no blood?

Some women while pregnant have cramps around the time their period would come at 8 and 12 weeks. This does not mean you are having a miscarriage.

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