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Control didn't work, test is not accurate.

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Q: What does it mean if your clear blue pregnancy test is blank?
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What do 2 blue lines on a clear blue pregnancy test mean?

congrads your preggers!

Is my clear blue pregnancy test still accurate after 10 minutes?

my clear blue showed a pregnant sign and a 6 days later I looked at it again and it was negative.What does it mean?

Your clear blue digital pregnancy test said you were pregnant and had 3 what does this mean?

my clearblue said am pregnant and it say 1 2 what that 1 2 weeks

What does it mean when you have 3 lines on the clear blue pregnancy test?

I think it means it's void, could be due to not enough urine on the test or a problem with the test.

You just took a Ept pregnancy test today the result was a dark blue line in the square window and a blank sign in the circle window What does that mean?

I don't know same thing happened to me

What does a smiley face on a clear blue digital pregnancy test mean?

It probably means your pregnant. Cause a smiley face=happy, and usually people are happy when they get pregnant.

What does two lines one light and the other dark on a clear blue pregnancy test mean?

Idk ask someone who was pregnant already and that should tell u

What does it mean when you get clear stretchy discharge instead of your period?

Possible pregnancy

What does it mean if a Clear Blue digital pregnancy test comes up with a blue line?

There's directions inside the box of the test and it shows u what it looks like if u r or arent pregnant. There has been many complaints that this product gives false positives. I did a web search and many people had this problem with Clear Blue.

What does blue mean on a pregnancy test?

It depends on what that pregnancy test uses to indicate pregnancy. Read the directions carefully to see what they use to indicate a positive or negative pregnancy test.

What does it mean if your Clear blue pregnancy test has a book with arrow?

Either you didnt hold it in your urine long enough or you didnt hold it at an angle(pointing downward in your urine).

On a clear blue pregnancy test what does one dark line mean?

If it is digital you are not supposed to read the lines, only the "pregnant" or "not pregnant." If it is a regular one, it means you are not pregnant or the test was not done correctly.