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It could still be your period. When I was 18 I got my normal period,then started spotting a few days after.(that had never happened before) Turns out,I was pregnant.So,it's either still your period,or you're pregnant.

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Q: What does it mean if you had your period and started spotting for 3 days?
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If i had my period 2weeks ago and i started spotting and i don't get my period until feb17 this do not mean that im am pregnant?

I have had my monthly period and that lasted 6 days instead of 7 days and started spotting 2weeks after does this mean Iam pregnant?

I started spotting three days after my period what does this mean?

Nothing. You are just ending the period and that sometimes happens. You will find this happens after PE or when you exercise.

If you get brown spotting a couple of days then no spotting does that mean that you are going to get your period soon?


What do it mean when you start spotting 6 days after your period?

what does it mean when you start spotting 6 days after your period has ended

What does it mean if 3 days after your period you start spotting light pink discharge?

what does it mean you start to have a light pink discharge after your period

If you see your period for only two days what do that mean?

it is fairly common. it's called spotting.

What does very light brown spotting mean for a few days after your period ended?

It means that your period is just starting to finish up. So the little spotting that you get means closure. If the bleeding last more than a week ask a doctor. But know that everybody does not have spotting after periods so if you are one of those people dont worry.

If your period is normal and after your period and 3 days later you have spotting what does that mean?

That's just the after math sometimes this happens , as a result of your insides cleaning itself no need to panick but if it continues for more that a full week over normal you might want to think about it seriously .

What does it mean when you are 7 days late on your period and then you start having lite spotting and a little cramping?

Means your prego!!

What does it mean when you start spotting four days after your period?

it means that you are coming to the end of your period and as you come to the end your flow will start spotting and eventually stop all together

What do it mean if you spot pink blood then brown blood two days before your period then it goes away the same day?

Spotting is normal before your period, it's just the start of your period as the uterine lining starts to shed. You can also get spotting after your period, or mid-cycle spotting around the time of ovulation.