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mines been like that .

i only started mine 3 days ago aswell

did you ?

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Q: My period started for 3 days then stopped and has not started again. What is that mean?
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Your period came 7 days early stopped for 2 days then started am i pregnant?

If your period was heavy or like usual then its not likely that you are pregnant.

What does it mean if your period last 5 months stopped for 3 days started again with black blood?

If your period lasts 5 months, then stops for 3 days and then starts again with black blood, this could mean that you are pregnant or that you have a health problem. Seeing a doctor is ideal.

Had normal period then started again for 3 days 12 days later?

Had my normal period dec 6th thru the 10th had sex on the 11th again on the 15th started light bleeding on the 20th for 3 days .

You started the pill the 1st day of your period and you didnt like it so you stopped after 4 days your regular period is 5 days but now its the 6th day and you still have your period what is going on?

This has happened because you started and then suddenly stopped taking the pill. If you bleeding lasts over 9 days consult your doctor.

Why did you spot and days later you started period then spotted again?

because your period is going to be heavy if you do that were a pad 5 days before your period comes on

I started my period on Saturday and then started my first pack on Sunday the next day Am I suppose to be on my period again during the inactive days of the pill?

Yes. When you stop the hormone after week 3, your body will have a period again.

Can I be pregnant if I had my period in February and March but started spotting for 2 days in April and then it stopped?

Yes. Take a test

How do you know when your period is going to start again?

If you have already started and waiting for it to happen again. They will be round about 30 days apart.

Last month your period was late When you finally got it you had a period for about 4-5 days then you were done like normal then about a week later you started again then you stopped again after 4 or 5?

if you are young it is naural you and your body is just starting. you shouldn't be worried but if i was you i would keep and eye on it, adventually it will go back to normal

If you started your period one day and it went on for 5 days and stoped for 2 days then started again?

It means that during those two days you have had sex and the egg probably got rejected by the sperm.

I was 7 days late for my period then it started went for 3 days i thought it stopped but it started back the next day but it was really light it keeps stopping and starting what would cause this?

I think it could be pregnancy or anemia.

I started my period 6 days late in may then had it early on June 16th that lasted for 11 days with three days that I had stopped. I found out i am pregnant but have no idea how far along i am?

how old r u?

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