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it may not be a period. you need to see your doctor asap. get off the computer and see your doctor. this is very important.

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Q: What does it mean if you come on your period 2 weeks before your due?
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What mean that period come before its time or after?

It means...

You been on your period for 2 weeks What is does that mean?

been on my period for 2 weeks what does that mean

Does starting birth control a day before your period ruin your period cycle?

I'm not sure what you mean by "ruin" your period cycle. If you start most forms of hormonal birth control the day before your period, that period may be lighter or shorter, or absent, and your next episode of bleeding is likely to come in about 3 1/2 weeks.

If you have unprotected sex 6 days before your period then your period doesn't come does this mean your pregnant?

Yes! With octuplets!

What does perinatal mean?

The word perinatal means relating to a period slightly before and after birth. This is usually considered to be a couple of weeks.

If you have your period the 20th of the month before last the 12th of last month and the 4th of this month does it mean you are pregnant?

No, it just means your period isn't stable just yet. I used to have my period twice a month before I got on birth control to regulate it. It doesn't mean you're pregnant just because you're getting your period every 3 weeks instead of every 4 weeks.

What would spotting pinkish brownish discharge 2 weeks before and for a few days off and on before your period mean?

It's totally normal. It's just dried blood from your last period.

What does the phrase within the two weeks or within two weeks mean?

The phrase "within the two weeks" or "within two weeks" means that something will happen or be done before the end of a period of two weeks. It implies a time frame of 14 days.

Is it bad to have period 2 weeks after a light period?

I started my period at my correct timing. But it was light and ended two days before it did the last time (i thought that was the best period ever! Haha). Two weeks later it started again and it was normal. Im only 12, is this bad and what could it mean?

Do you consider it normal if periods are delayed by two weeks?

yes its normal. you just had a late period now if you mean ur period lasted for 2 weeks then no. see a doctor theres something wrong and you may need to fix it before to late

What does it mean when you have your period 2 weeks early?

Can u be pregnant if urn on urn period

Could cramping 4 weeks before period sore nipples and frequent urination mean pregnancy?

Those are all possible signs of pregnancy.