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It would mean that most likely youre not pregnant but you should see your doctor to be sure.

Are you serious? NOT TRUE what so ever... Any 2nd line no matter how light or how dark most likely means you are pregnant... I took 13 test and i was pregnant , and every one came back with the lightest pink line you could ever imagine it was barley even there... So as long as there is some kind of 2nd line then CONGRATUALTIONS!!! and there is no such thing as a false positive!!!

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Q: What does it mean if there is a light negative line on a pregnancy test?
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What does one line mean on a pregnancy test?

It normally means not pregnant. And if it is horizontal then its also negative.

What does two dark line and light line on a clear blue pregnancy test mean?

2 lines pregnant; one not.

What does it mean when there is a light dot below where your test line should be on a pregnancy test?

you're not pregnasnt

What does one blue line on a hospital pregnancy test mean?

Usually a single line indicates a negative result and two lines means positive.

What does it mean when a Pregnancy Test shows a light dot in first window and a dark line in the second window?

It sounds like you are pregnant. Read the instructions of the test. It should tell you what is a positive result and what is a negative.

What does it mean if you took a pregnancy test and the negative line was faint then an hour later it came up positive but it still was faint?

you can't read a pregnancy test after the time that it says in the instructions, because on some tests you can get a false light positive after the test sits for awhile, this is called an evaporation line. ~pawsalmighty

What does a negative pregnancy test mean?

your not pregnant !!

On the First Response Pregnancy test does one line mean you're pregnant or not?

one line is a negative, providing it's the Control line that is the one line.. if it's just the test line that is showing, then your test is invalid and you need a new one. 2 lines is a positive test, it doesn't matter how light the test line is! ~pawsalmighty

Does a negative pregnancy test mean that you can not be having a tubal pregnancy?

if the pregnancy test is neg. then ur not pregnant

I got a really faint negative line on a pregnancy test and its done that 3 times. does that mean im pregnant?

The same thing happened to me.

Does light period mean pregnancy?


What does the c and the t mean on a hospital pregnancy test?

C- Control T- means test Line under the C - Negative Line under C and T- positive :)

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