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Force Quit closes an application. This is used when an application is not responding to normal commands.

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Q: What does force quit do to an app?
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How do you quit a blackberry app?

While in the app, press the Blackberry menu button and choose quit or close.

Can an employer force you to quit?

No, its your job if you want to quit then quit but no-one can force you.

How do you do a forced quit on a Mac?

There are two ways: 1. You go to the Apple menu (little apple in upper left corner) and select "Force Quit" then choose the applications you want to force quit in the "Force Quit Applications" window. Press Return, Press "Force Quit." 2. Press "Option+Command+Esc" to open the "Force Quit Applications" widow. Select the application you want to quit. Press Return, Press "Force Quit." If you mean "Forced Shutdown" of the computer, press the power button for 5 seconds.

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What are the release dates for nitTWITS - 2011 Force Quit 1-5?

nitTWITS - 2011 Force Quit 1-5 was released on: USA: 8 October 2011

How do you force quit?

On a mac go to the blue apple and click. Force quit the operating system, not finder. In my case I use Firefox. Then go to the dock and click the system back on.

My 2nd Gen. iPod Touch is force quitting out of the Music app and I've reset it 2 times but I'll select a son and it will say it's playing then 3 seconds later it will quit What do i do?

Call apple or buy a new one.

How do you quit finder on a mac?

Open applications. Go to utilities. Open activity monitor. Scroll down until you see finder. highlight it and click the quit button in the upper left hand corner. click on quit. if you quit all other applications, finder will start up again.You can hold down the Shift key while selecting the Apple menu icon (top left corner) which will change the Force Quit... option to Force Quit Application's name. Ensure you are using the Finder's menu bar to Force Quit it.

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How do you force quit on PC NOT control alt delete?


How do you quit photo booth on mac?

Press "Command+Q" to quit applications. You can also use the menu under "Photo Booth"=>Quit Photo Booth" As a last resort you can Force Quit by pressing "Option+Command+ESC" and select and verify what you want to quit.