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I believe that you mean your fertile period, this means the time during your menstrual cycle that you are able to get pregnant. During a typical 28 day cycle a woman would be fertile from day 7-16.

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Q: What does fertile your period mean?
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Your period started February 8 when will be your fertile period?

Your first period is a fertile period. They all are. So, to answer your question, your fertile period will be February 8th.

Are you fertile the day after your period?

no your not you fertile from 6-10 days after your period

How can you tell if a female is not fertile?

You can tell when they are not grumpy When they are grumpy that mean the are getting their period

What is the period preceding menopause?

The fertile period

When will you know if you are fertile?

You will miss your period.

Are you at your most fertile while on your period?

no you are at your most fertile during ovulation which is the stage that happens before your perios.. your period is a result of an egg not becoming fertilized however you can still get pregnant during your period.. it is just not your most fertile time

Can you get pregnant after you get your period?

yes you can, i think you can be fertile near the end of your period

How does a man know if is fertile or not?

if you have your period, than no.

When you know that you are fertile?

Two weeks after your period

Are women least fertile right after their period?


Can a girl be fertile 3 days before her period?

No, you become fertile after your period. ITs called a menstruel cycle because you menstrate first, then ovulate.

Are you fertile when you are on your period and taking birth control?

You are NOT fertile while having your period, pills or no pills. You are fertile when you have a mature egg ready to be fertilized. Menstruation -or the period- is the process through which your body gets rid of that egg, since it didn't get fertilized.

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