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It means you started up a chat or small talk with someone in whom you were romantically interested; you were flirting with them to get to know them better.

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Q: What does chatting up means?
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In chatting sup means?

whats up

What does chatting mean with a person?

Chatting means to talk with someone.

When your chatting to someone on Facebook what does it mean if the dot is white?

it means IdleSo how can a person actively chatting be "idle"?

How can you get paid for chatting?

If chatting means asking questions then surveying is a good idea. You can do this by joining a market research department.

When chatting on the internet what does BRB mean?

BRB means "be right back."

What is taf?

It means "Thats All Fine" used while Chatting.

What does te gusta chatear mean in spanish?

It means: Do you like chatting?

What is the meaning of 'Waz up'?

What does it mean?COOL Way of saying "hi" Mattit's a short way of saying what's up which means what are you doing, what's happining, what's going on, or just heyyou use it while you're texting or chatting with your friends. It means "What's up?"

How do you know if someone chatting you up?

You can tell if someone is chatting you up by the sound of their voice. Also by the questions they ask you. They also tend to keep a slouching posture and make eye contact with you.

How can you tell if someone is chatting with someone else while chatting with you?

you can see that there not paying attention to you the whole time like they might stop talking that means their typing.

What does Cyber Safe Mean?

Cyber safe means to be safe on the internet or on chatting websites.

How do you pick up girls at a party?

start chatting them up, ask for their number,ask if they like you..