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Chatting means to talk with someone.

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Q: What does chatting mean with a person?
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When your chatting to someone on Facebook what does it mean if the dot is white?

it means IdleSo how can a person actively chatting be "idle"?

What does mean . in a online chat?

. means that the person you were chatting with has completed his sentence. (<- as you can see i completed my sentence just there)

What does chatting gass mean in slang?

What they are saying is: you are lying commonly known as "chatting gas/shit"

Can you talk to people on Lego Universe?

If what you mean by "talking" is chatting, yes there is chatting allowed. In the Alpha testing though, there was no chatting. The Beta testing has chatting so I assume the real one will have it as well.

What does the word idle mean on Gmail?

Idle means the person is not chatting with anyone. The chat system is idle not working. It is the availability sign on Gtalk.

What is mean by chat or chatting?

i sgetting to know people

What does haver mean?

havering is scottish slang for chatting aimlessly havering is scottish slang for chatting aimlessly

What does nada solo chateando mean?

Nothing, just chatting.

Can you see the person sitting at the computer?

Assuming you mean "can the person I'm chatting to online see me or can I see the person I'm chatting to?" The answer is sometimes. Many chat programs have the ability to integrate web cameras, or "web cams." Web cams allow the computer with the web cam to show its user to another person. If you want to see someone that person should have a web cam. If you want someone to see you, you need a web cam.

What is video chatting?

It is when you talk to another person over the internet and two webcams.

Can you know the address of person with whom you are chatting?

Through illegal means it is possible to hack into a person you are chatting online with, and find out where there IP is connected from, but this is highly illegal and can land you in jail for multiple reasons including hacking and stocking.

When chatting on the internet what does BRB mean?

BRB means "be right back."