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On the WWE Homepage it says that John Cena was champion before Edge was

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Q: Who was the first WWE champion John cena or edge?
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Is John Cena the real WWE Champion?

in 2009 edge beat john cena and became wwe heavyweight champion

Is john cena still worldheavyweight champion 2009?

Unfortunately,no. John Cena lost his worldheavywieght title at Backlash 2009 to Edge. So your new champion is Edge.

Who is stronger edge or John Cena?

john cena because he has been more wwe champion

Edge will become champion again?

no because john cena will win again against him

Who is more stonger john cena or edge?

Obviosly John Cena is the stronger of the two people cena and Edge. Cena uses sheer strength during his wrestling matches whereas Edge is a smart wrestler who manipulates other wrestlers to win matches. But the similarities between the two is the fact that both of them are multiple time WWE Champion and World Heavyweight champion.

Is cena still the heavy weight champ?

no because edge attacked kofi kinston to be in the elimination chamber then edge speared john cena out nowhere to become the new champion

Who is the world heavyweight champion after backlash 2009?

It is Edge. He defeated John Cena with the help of the Big Show

Who did Edge defeat to become WWE Champion for the first time?

He defeated John Cena. This was at New Years Revolution 2006 John Cena had just won the elimination chamber match and Edge cashed in his money in the bank he won at wrestlemania 21. Now the referee could do nothing because you could cash that in at anytime, anywhere. So John cena was extremely beaten up and bruised he was easy prey for Edge to beat and become the New WWE champion

Who is the heavy weights campion of the world?

edge is. you may not like it but tuf. edge rules

Who will beat edge for the world heaveyweihgt champion?

At the moment i would say John Cena cause he has a rematch from noway out.

Who is better John Cena or edge?

of couse john cena is better than a loser edge. john cena is better than him but edge think he is better than john cena i don't care if edge won the royal rumble. actually i am Jeff Hardy's fan.

Who is Heavy weight champion of the world 2008?

Edge is the current heavy weight champion. He defeated John Cena at Backlash 2009 with the help of the Big Show