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edge might not like it but tough.edge rules!

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Batista beat John Cena at the elimination chamber. the match wasnt official mr McMahon made the match after john cena won the elimination chamber. Batista is the new WWE champion.

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many superstars some that still wrestle today and who have held it are the great khali randy orton the miz shameus triple h the rock big show edge Kane and the undertaker

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john cena won

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Q: WWE Who won in WWE campionship belt?
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What title is better the WWE campionship or the the world heavywhight campionship?

The wwe title is "the most prestigious award in sports-entertainment" at least that's what the announcers say.

Did batista ever win the WWE spinner belt?

yes his won wwe spinner belt.

Has John Cena ever won the WWE belt?

Yeah, John Cena has won the WWE title many times. He has won the WWE championship 10 times.

How many times has the Miz won the US Champions?

he won 3 belts because him and john cena won a tag team belt he won the wwe belt and another tag belt with john Morrison

What was the name of the paper view when Jeff hardy won the WWE campionship against edge Triple H Triple H?

i luv Jeff hardy so naturally i taped it it is armageddon

How much did john cena win WWE champion belt?

92 times What? He has won the WWE Champion Belt 7 times, not 92.

Who is all the champions in the WWE?

The current champions in WWE are:The current WWE Champion is John Cena. He won the belt March 28, 2010.The current WWE United Stated Champion is The Miz. He won the belt October 5, 2009.The current WWE Divas Champion is Eve. She won the belt April 12, 2010.The current World Heavyweight Champion is Jack Swagger. He won the belt March 30, 2010.The current WWE Intercontinental Champion is Drew McIntyre. He won the belt December 13, 2009.The current WWE Women's Champion is Layla. She won the belt May 11, 2010.

Who won the champion ship belt eight times in WWE?


Who won the WWE Championship Belt a record eight times?

John Cena has won the WWE Championship 11 times. (As of 2013)

How many times has Matt hardy won a belt on WWE?

12 total.

What are the titles won by undertaker?

the world h. champion The Undertaker has won the WWE Championship belt 4 times and has won the World Heavyweight Championship belt 3 times

Will John Cena ever win the WWE belt?

yes.he has won it many times