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You can tell if someone is chatting you up by the sound of their voice. Also by the questions they ask you. They also tend to keep a slouching posture and make eye contact with you.

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Q: How do you know if someone chatting you up?
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If you chat someone up when your in a relationship is it cheating?

You should only worry if you know your partner doesn't like you chatting them up AND you do it routinely.

What does chatting up means?

It means you started up a chat or small talk with someone in whom you were romantically interested; you were flirting with them to get to know them better.

What are the negative impacts for the online chatting?

Some negative impacts for online chatting are: giving out too much personal information, chatting with people you do not know or do not know well, possibly chatting with someone who might cause you harm, etc.

How can you see who someone is chatting with?

can u see who someone is chatting with on oovoo

What does chatting mean with a person?

Chatting means to talk with someone.

What are some of the signs that will make you know he is in love with you?

Staring at you, chatting you up, etc. Congratulations!

Hs deployed and you chat on yahoo messenger when you are both online he doesnt talk really how do you know he chatting with someone else?

if he is not talking much he is probably chatting with someone else... it would be boring for him just to sit there... it wouldn't make any sense.

What are the games with avatars chatting and no downloads also for 9years old and up?

i dont know OMG!

When your chatting to someone on Facebook what does it mean if the dot is white?

it means IdleSo how can a person actively chatting be "idle"?

How to know with whom my friend is chatting in Facebook?

There is no way to know who your friend is chatting with on Facebook unless the friend shares the information with you.

How can you get a boyfriend on club penguin?

Hehehe, there is no particular function for it, just walk up to someone and get chatting. See how it goes from there, send up hearts and stuff :)

What does this say in aerobic ممكن نتعرف?

In Arabic, if someone is chatting with someone else and say this word, it is like saying :asl please or can we know each other or can i know who are youor anything related to those sentences :)