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it means that you had sex to early..and that you probably werent healed may have also caused yourself to rip down in that area..the best thing you can do is talk to your doctor...=)

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2009-11-10 22:56:52
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Q: What does brown bleeding means six weeks after having a baby and having sexaully intercourse?
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Could you be having implantation bleeding if you have slight cramping pain and light brown and pink bleeding for about 3 days?


You are having light bleeding and brown discharge after a week of unprotected sex are you pregenant?

Lucky for you, no.

Does bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy mean you are having a miscarriage?

I was bleeding red blood but then brown blood does that mean I'm having a miscarriage? Ans: Not necessarily, you didn't say how far along you were, but it could be implantation bleeding, irritated cervix (from intercourse, exam, etc) or could be old blood which was in place to protect the pregnancy in it's earliest stages, but the growing uterus expelled it. If you are still worried, go see your doc.

Causes of bleeding when 4 weeks pregnant?

All depends on what bleeding you are having, I't might be implantation bleeding if it is little, pinkinsh or brown. If there is a lot of blood and you have pain you might be having a miscarraige. Contact you care giver for advise.

For what reason can you get old brown bleeding?

what is the reason for getting old brown bleeding is this something serious or what because i am very worried i didn't get brown bleeding before and now the doctors says it could be old brown bleeding what is the cause of this why did this happen.

Why am i having a heavy irregular period with blood clots started with brown spotting?

why am i bleeding heavy and having blood clots ? i even bleed thourgh my tapons

Is it implantation bleeding if you have been spotting light pink for four days and this morning it was light brown and light pink but your period is not due for five days?

Not necessarily no but implantation bleeding can appear as the bleeding you've described. Implantation bleeding will occur 6-12 days after intercourse. If you suspect pregnancy, see your doctor for a pregnancy blood test.

I Had Unprotected Sex 2 Days Later Im Having Heavy Bleeding Cramps ANd Brown Discharge?

this is relevent to the question: how old are you?

If you are discharging a brown-mucus type bleeding can it be implantation bleeding?

Doesn't have to.

Can you have brown discharge in early pregnancy?

Yes, Brown discharge can occur in early pregnancy. It can either be from sexual intercourse or the baby implanting. If you have severe cramps and heavy bleeding, then you should definetly call you doctor. It also won't hurt if you mention the discharge to your doctor! : )

Was it implantation bleeding or period if you bled shorter and lighter two days before period is actually due ovulating eleven days and having intercourse seventeen days prior?

well implantation bleeding is usually light pink,brown or light red and it is light spotting that doesnt usually last more than two days.and it usually happens before your period. i hope this information helped you.

Dipping your pen in the brown ink?

anal intercourse

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