Causes of bleeding when 4 weeks pregnant?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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All depends on what bleeding you are having, I't might be implantation bleeding if it is little, pinkinsh or brown. If there is a lot of blood and you have pain you might be having a miscarraige. Contact you care giver for advise.

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Q: Causes of bleeding when 4 weeks pregnant?
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How many weeks pregnant does implantation bleeding occur?

4 weeks

Are you going to miscarry if you are 4 weeks pregnant and started bleeding?

You should contact your doctor right away to prevent miscarriage.

Can you get implantation bleeding at 6 weeks pregnant?

It is possible but not very likely. Implantation bleeding would occur after ovulation, which is more than a week after most periods end. For implantation bleeding to happen, you would have had to ovulate first, and afterwards it would have to be around a week before you see any spotting. If your periods are irregular then it is still possible, since you could have ovulated during the last days of your period. However, if you have some extra stuff like brown discharge coming out this soon after your period has ended, it's probably old blood and isn't much to worry about.

You had bleeding for 2 days and then was 4 weeks late getting your period took a test and it was positive could you have been pregnant while you were bleeding?

I wrote this question but to explain alittle more. I found out I was pregnant on 7/15/09. My pregnancy test was faint but it was positive. Later that night I started to bleed while urinating. Thursday I started to need a pad. Never really got very heavy. I had some cramps but nothing to really complain about. On Friday by that afternoon the bleeding had started to just be when i urinated again. Since Friday evening it has just been spotting. Brown spotting. Into today which is really nothing. Went to the er yesterday because I was worried that I didn't have a complete miscarriage. They drew blood and I still had a positive pregnancy test. The doctor had said after looking at me and when he was giving my results to me that i was just around 2 to 2 and a half weeks pregnant. To me it should never be possible to find out that early but I did. My question is since hcg levels drop rapidly why is my test still positive? Could it really have been a miscarriage? Clueless and so confused please help!!!!!!!!

4 weeks pregnant and stared bleeding and cramping should you worry?

Yes. Go to your doctor right away or go to the ER.

How far along are you if a pregnancy test was positive and you're on birth control pills and your last real period was a month ago but you had a little bleeding a couple of weeks ago?

That little bleeding was probably implantation bleeding, I would guess you are about 4 weeks pregnant. ~pawsalmighty

You are on metfromin and have been bleeding for almost 4 weeks Is this normal?

No. Bleeding for almost 4 weeks is not normal under any circumstances.

You had a baby 4 weeks ago you are still bleeding lightly can you get pregnant?

i think it's possible but after you have your baby u suppose 2 bleed

I just had a baby 10 weeks ago and only bleed for 4 weeks am i pregnant had not bleed yet since then?

Bleeding for 4 weeks is normal. If you are pregnant again I can't tell but having unprotected sex means you can be since you are more fertile then usual after giving birth. You have to go see your gyno.

How many months pregnant are you at sixteen weeks?

At 16 weeks you are 4 months pregnant. 4 weeks= 1 month. :]]