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I was bleeding red blood but then brown blood does that mean I'm having a miscarriage?

Ans: Not necessarily, you didn't say how far along you were, but it could be implantation bleeding, irritated cervix (from intercourse, exam, etc) or could be old blood which was in place to protect the pregnancy in it's earliest stages, but the growing uterus expelled it. If you are still worried, go see your doc.

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Q: Does bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy mean you are having a miscarriage?
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What does 229 Hcg level mean?

Hcg is the level of a pregnancy hormone that increases throughout the pregnancy. An Hcg level of 229 means that a woman is in the very early stages of pregnancy, or is having a miscarriage.

How to get rid of the pregnancy in the early stages?

talk to a doctor about having a medical abortion. its a pill you take and it kills the embryo. you might experience some bleeding and abdominal pain.

Is bleeding in early stages of pregnancy normal?

Light bleeding is quite normal as the uterus stretches and the fertilised egg implants in the womb lining

I have taken 2 positive pregnancy tests but am lightly bleeding is this normal?

Yes. Light bleeding is normal. When the embryo embeds itself into your uterine wall it may cause spotty or light bleeding. 90% of women have this happen in the beginning stages of pregnancy.

Can having intercourse make you lose your mucus plug?

In the later stages of pregnancy, yes it can

What is the longest stage of pregnancy?

Pregnancy does not have any longer stages. Pregnancy is divided into three equal stages. These stages are called trimesters.

Whitney Houston was she pregnant when she did the movie the bodyguard?

Actually, she may have been in the initial stages of pregnancy, but it was only announced afterwards; and during the media tour for the film, she suffered a miscarriage.

What causes decidual bleeding during pregnancy?

Decidual BleedingOne of the most common causes of period-like bleeding during pregnancy is called decidual bleeding. Sometimes, during pregnancy, your body's hormones can get out of whack, causing you to lose parts of the lining of your uterus. This is especially common in the early stages of pregnancy, before the lining has completely attached to the placenta. While it can be troublesome to think about shedding part if your uterine lining, decidual bleeding is generally not thought to be a health threat to you or your baby. There are a number of other reasons why bleeding during pregnancy may occur. Most of them present little health risk to you and your little one. However, bleeding can sometimes indicate a complication with your pregnancy. If you are pregnant, it is important to be aware of your bleeding. If you experience any abnormal bleeding at any point during your pregnancy, contact your health care provider immediately.

What are the two major stages of development in pregnancy?

embryonic and fetal stages

What are the stages of pregnancy called?


What does spotting mean?

It's when you have little but of blood on your panties or when you wipe, but not your actual period. It can be a sign of pregnancy, a cyst or a polyp, or a sign of pregnancy. It can also happen just from stress. If you have an IUD and are having spotting it can be a sign of infection so you should go to the doctor. If you are in the early stages of pregnancy some spotting is usually normal but if the bleeding becomes heavier or is accompanied by cramps you should go to the doctor.

Do your nipples hurt when you are in early stages of pregnancy?

There is a good chance your nipples will hurt in the beginning, middle and/or final stages of pregnancy.

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