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each man is different and no one can feel the same way you do

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It can feel warm, tight, and wet due to the natural lubrication of the vagina. The sensations can range from pleasurable to uncomfortable depending on factors such as arousal, lubrication, and communication between partners. Communication and consent are key to ensuring a mutually enjoyable experience.

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Q: What does a penis feel like when it is inserted into a girls vagina?
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How do you get to feel a girls vagina?

You can start out as loving on the girl then get to where she is comfortable then get her clothes off then you can feel and lick or kiss it all u want

How do girls feel when they see a guy's penis?

Views on this topic vary greatly among individuals. Some girls may feel aroused, curious, surprised, uncomfortable, or indifferent when seeing a guy's penis, depending on the context and their personal feelings and experiences. It's crucial to respect each person's boundaries and communicate openly and respectfully when it comes to intimate situations.

How does it feel when a guy puts his penis in a girls vagina?

This question relates to intimate and personal experiences. It's important to communicate openly with your partner about physical sensations, emotions, and boundaries to ensure a comfortable and consensual sexual encounter. If feelings of discomfort or uncertainty arise, it's okay to pause, communicate, and prioritize mutual well-being.

What does a vagina feel like during sex?

Vaginal sensation during sex can vary greatly depending on the individual, but it is often described as warm, moist, and enveloping. The vagina can also experience changes in tightness and lubrication based on arousal and level of stimulation. Overall, the sensation can be pleasurable and intense for many individuals.

How do you know when a guy cums inside you?

You may feel a warm sensation or a pulsating feeling inside your vagina. Additionally, some men make sounds or have physical reactions when they ejaculate. It's also possible to see semen leaking out of the vagina after sex.

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What is the composition of a dildo?

It simulates the penis in the vagina and it makes girls feel good

What does it feel like to have your penis in a vagina?

If feels amazing.

I am 15 and have a 6.5 inch erect penis is that enough for girls?

Average size of an erect male penis is around 6 inches, so you're average. Plus the depth of the vagina is about 4 inches if that makes you feel better :P

What does the penis feel like in your vagina?

It feels amazing it massages your inner side of you to make you feel free and warm

What is sex like for girls?

Pleasurable. You feel like you want more. When i did it, i could actually feel his penis rubbing up and down my vagina. Then he started tickling with his hands and licking me there and ohhhhhh! Its actually like when u put in a tampon, but just a lot sexier because you know you have the genitals of the opposite sex caressing your vagina. It can also be a bit gross if you are watching his penis go in and out, but just keep yourself occupied and it will feel so good.

What does it feel like when your penis enters a vagina?

it feels so good but if you're not used to it it will be painful

Does it feel good to have a girls mouth up and down on your penis?


How does it feel to have a penis in your vagina?

The physical feelings of having a penis in the vagina and moving vary widely, depending on size and emotional interest, including:fullnesstightloose (penis too small)pressuresmooth to frictionan irritationburningpoundinggentleEmotional reactions to having a penis in the vagina and moving vary widely, depending on size and emotional interest, including:amazingirritatingannoyingboringaggravatingvictimizinglovingThere will never be just one answer, for the physical sensation or emotional response.

How does it feel for a man to put penis in girl?

It feels amazing for the boy and girl. It can be uncomfortable for a bit but feels fantastic after a while. Remember to feel the girl's boobs and let the girl suck your penis and suck her vagina.

What does it feel like putting your penis in a vagina?

Imagine something warm, wet and softer than skin pressing tight against your penis, embracing it from all directions.

What if the sperm is touched from outside clothes the fingers only feel the moisture then the finger is inserted into the vagina?

Any time sperm (or pre-cum) has contact with your vagina (or surrounding areas) there's a chance for pregnancy.

Can 11 year old girls make there vagina feel good?

Yes...some girls mature earlier than others.