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each man is different and no one can feel the same way you do

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2009-02-07 22:18:34
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Q: What does a penis feel like when it is inserted into a girls vagina?
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What does it feel like when the penis is inserted into the vagina?

Indescribably wonderful

What is the composition of a dildo?

It simulates the penis in the vagina and it makes girls feel good

How do girls feel when guys lick their vagina?

most girls feel pleasure and turned on to it.

How does it feel when a guy puts his penis in a girls vagina?

Well you feel a lot of pressure. But it feels really good!IT FEELS SO GOOD!!!!sounds like like an internal erection

Can a penis harm a vagina if the penis is to large?

It can feel uncomfortable for the woman, but there is no permanent damage in most cases.

What does it feel like to have your penis in a vagina?

If feels amazing.

What does the penis feel like in your vagina?

It feels amazing it massages your inner side of you to make you feel free and warm

What does it feel like when a penis goes in the vagina?

Its really hard to exlain...Its like pressure

I am 15 and have a 6.5 inch erect penis is that enough for girls?

Average size of an erect male penis is around 6 inches, so you're average. Plus the depth of the vagina is about 4 inches if that makes you feel better :P

How do yu pop a cherry?

to pop a girls cherry the penis must enter her vagina and break through a thin layer of skin that protects her vagina. once her cherry has popped, by sex, she is no longer a virgin. some girls have there cherry popped playing sports (etc) but they dont know about it. it hurts some girls but other girls dont feel it. hope this helped.

How does it feel to lick a girls vagina?

Salty... Source: Personal Experience

What does it feel like when your penis enters a vagina?

it feels so good but if you're not used to it it will be painful

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