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well the vagina can feel numerious emotions, it is not scientifically prooven which emotions it feels at different times, but it is a well known fact that having sex is abuse for your vagina

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Q: What does a vagina feel like during sex?
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How does a vagina feel during sex?

it feels like a warm apple pie!

What is a woman's vagina feel like during sex?

It might feel a little pain with excitement.Woman is horny during intercourse hence the feelings are pretty constrained.

Why during pregnancy after sex dose it feel like your vagina is closed up?

After 9 months of no sex your wall in your vagina closes up slowly an re opens after you once started having sex again

What do men like during sex?

Things men might like during sex: 1:moaning 2:oral sex 3:vagina's 4:dirty talk

How can pleasure be given to the vagina during sex?

There are "sex toys" out there somewhere to prepare for sex. While your having sex, the vagina feels good already! I've never had sex cuz I'm too young but I've heard people say (only women) that they feel pleasure in their vagina while having sex.

Should you put the penis in the vagina during a girl's period or after?

After a girls period! Unless you like to have bloody vagina lining on your penis during sex.

Why does it feel like you are urinating during sex?

it is called ejaculation.

Can you taste vagina during sex?

Yes it's called oral sex.

Does anyone else like to feel flannel during sex?


Is sex once a week healthy?

You can have sex as much as you like or if you feel the need to sex too often like 5 times a day will almost certainly lead to a tear in the vagina or an infection or a sore vagina. for men too much penetrative sex can lead to a low sperm count and you may damage your penis.

You feel like your vagina is too big please help?

Do pinch exercises (like if you would stop peeing in mid-stream). That'll tone up your pelvic muscles which should improve things, particularly if you then do the pinches during sex.

Is it normal to feel extreme pain in the vagina during sex in the seventh month of pregnancy?

No its not normal call her doctor right a way or go the emergency ASAP