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There are many meanings for a fleur-de-lis tattoo. They are a symbol for royalty and chivalry. A fleur-de-lis is also a symbol for Christianity, faith and wisdom.

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Q: What does a fleur delise tattoo mean?
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Does Fleur Delacour have a tattoo?

Not one that was ever mentioned in the series.

When did Giovanni Delise die?

Giovanni Delise died in 1947.

When was Giovanni Delise born?

Giovanni Delise was born in 1907.

What does a fleur de lis tattoo symbolize?

Perfection, light, and life.

George st-pierre tattoo on his calf mucle mean?

It's the fleur-de-lis (the lily flower), a symbol of Quebec pride.

How do you say flower tattoo in French?

un tatouage de fleur(s)

What does George St Pierre's leg tattoo mean?

His tattoo means that there are two sides of him first one (top) means gay as in happy and the second bottom one means fear

What does une fleur mean?

"une fleur" (feminine noun) is "a flower" in English.

What does the French name Le Fleur mean?

La fleur (fem.) means "the flower" in French.

What is the tattoo on the back of gsp's leg?

It's called Fleur-de-lis and represents a lot but in GSP's case it's for Quebec.

What does rebelle fleur mean?

Rebelle fleur supposedly means rebel flower in french or something :D

What does je sail fleur means in English?

"je sail fleur" doesn't mean anything in French.