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what dose star tattoo mean on shoulders

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Q: What does the five star tattoo mean?
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Five point star tattoo on your neck what does that mean?

It means that you are lesbian

What does Harry Styles' star tattoo represent?

harrys tattoo is a five pointed star for each of the five members of one direction!(: trust me.... I would know!

What does one star tattoo mean?

A one star tattoo can mean hope, protection, or enlightenment. The meaning varies depending on the type of star and the number of points the star has.

What does a star tattoo on a girls wrist mean?

no idea what they want tattoo

What does a pink 5 point star tattoo mean?

the green five-point star is "la espero" (the hope), the simbol of the esperantists. Gxis la revido. Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma surivor --use a green 5 star

What does a star tattoo on a woman mean?

She's lame, especially if the tattoo is on her lower back.

What does the emo star mean?

The emo star is actual a nautical star. The nautical star is usually seen as a tattoo representing membership in the US Navy or Marine Corp. The symbol represents the five pointed star of the US flag and the red/black color pattern represents the compass rose found on old nautical maps. I do not understand why emo's get the tattoo or what it means to them.

Meaning of star tattoo on elbow?

It doesn't mean anything at all. Sometimes a star is just a star.

Why do Veterans have star tattoo on their hands?

For many veteran's, a star tattoo on their hands means that they got through a difficult time in their lives. A veteran wearing a star tattoo can also mean that they shined during their time served.

What does a star tattoo mean?

It is usually just for design, but different people give the star different meanings. It can mean anything.

What does a star tattoo under both eyes mean?

That you're an idiot.

What is the meaning of a nortic star tattoo?

I think you may mean nautical star, if so then that is a tattoo tha sailors used to get. It symbolises guidance or good luck on a long journey.