What does rebelle fleur mean?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Rebelle fleur supposedly means rebel flower in french or something :D

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Q: What does rebelle fleur mean?
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What is 'fleur rebelle' when translated from French to English?

"Rebel flower" is an English equivalent of the French phrase fleur rebelle. The pronunciation of the feminine singular phrase -- which may be preceded by the feminine singular definite (la, "the") or indefinite (une, "a, an") articles -- will be "fluhr rey-bel" in French.

What does une fleur mean?

"une fleur" (feminine noun) is "a flower" in English.

What does the French name Le Fleur mean?

La fleur (fem.) means "the flower" in French.

What does je sail fleur means in English?

"je sail fleur" doesn't mean anything in French.

When was Rebelle Records created?

Rebelle Records was created in 1988.

What does une fleur mean in english?

a flower

What does ma petite fleur bleue mean in English?

ma petite fleur bleue is my little blue flower in English.

What does fleur di lis mean in french?

la fleur de lys - lily of the valley (it was the emblem of the French Kings)

What does a fleur delise tattoo mean?

There are many meanings for a fleur-de-lis tattoo. They are a symbol for royalty and chivalry. A fleur-de-lis is also a symbol for Christianity, faith and wisdom.

What does Champ Fleur mean?

the fields of the choosen flowers

What does the phrase 'fleur delacour' mean?

Fleur delacour is personage from a Harry Potter movie. Fleur delacour is a girl from beauxbatons. When fleur delacour is translated in French it means flower of the court. Harry Potter is a well known science fiction movie.

What does fleur mean?

This is French for flowers. The word appears in various phrases,eg fleurs-de-lis.