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Crawling Panther Tattoo - One of the most enduring and powerful tattoo symbols of the 20th century has a history which few tattoo devotees might suspect. The

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Q: What does a black panther tattoo mean?
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What does a black panther tattoo with a snake mean?

A black panther tattoo with a snack means fierce conflict and loyalty. It also symbolizes a person's strength and power.

Who is the black female porn-star with big breasts and a panther tattoo?

if u mean black haired it could be nikita Denise

What does panther paw print tattoo mean?

A panther paw print can mean that a person can have a mean streak. This type of tattoo can also mean that a person as a love for panthers.

What does panther tattoo coming out of left chest mean?

Your mouth is bigger now

Is there a significance to a black panther tattoo on a National Guard soldier in from a 1960 photo?

It all depends. If it was a classic black panther tattoo where it is clawing up or down your arm, then it means nothing. If it was just the head of a black panther or a fairly cartoonish looking panther lunging at you with claws, then it very well may have been the symbol for the Black Panther Party. They organised and were created in 1966, so if it was before then, probably not. They did have a number of white people as well as others who were sympathetic to their plight and supported them, so the color of the person wearing it is fairly irrelevant.

What is tony sopranos tattoo?

Tony Soprano has a panther tattoo on his right shoulder.

What does the black panther mean to japan?

it means a black american is going to kill you

What does panther paw tattoo on breast mean?

to me it seems like strength and frearless but that may not be the answer also it can just be for looks.

Why is Black Panther called Black Panther?

becease it is black

What is the habitat of a black panther?

Black Panther temrature

What animal is bagheera in The Jungle Book?

Bagheera does mean black tiger, but the Indians thought it looked like a black tiger, apparently, because he's a black panther.

What is the young ones of the black panther?

Black Panther Cubs. They are cute. :)