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Respect his feelings and give him space. Let him know you're there if he wants to talk later, and maybe suggest doing an activity together to lighten the mood without the need for talking.

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leave hmi or her alone until he or she wants to talk to you

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Q: What do you do when he says he doesn't feel like talking?
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What does it mean when a boy says he doesnt want to stop talking to you?

He might like you... :)

When a girl says it doesnt feel like we are together anymore?

Quietly, alone and tell it like it is.

How do you tell if a girl that says she hates to her friends means it or if likes you?

Well either she doesnt like you or she doesnt want to admit to her friends that she likes you. Try talking to her away from her friends. If she is really friendly she does like you. If she is distant or tries to get away from you fast then you know she doesnt like you.

What does a guy mean when he says I'll be gentle?

uh...well it depends on what you were talking about to begin with....if its like sexual then he means like... he do it hard like... so it doesnt hurt... idk what else he could have been talking about...

When you like a guy and he says I just want to be friends?

sorry to say but this guy just doesnt deserve you if he doesnt feel the same way that you do, you could obviously find someone better than him

What would happens if a girl says I'm bored while making out with you?

It means your a bad kisser, and she doesnt want to make out with you, or it could mean that she doesnt feel like making out with you anymore at the time, depends on the situation.

What do you do when your girlfriend says maybe to everything?

she doesnt want to do it or doesnt like what you are telling her...and doesnt want to tell you or you to know

What does it mean when a girl likes a guy and he says he doesnt feel the same way but yet he always smiles at her?

he doesnt want u to feel weid about telling him but he enjoys knowing your interested in him:)

How does an idiom work?

an idiom is a saying that doesnt mean what it says. and example is someone saying the apple doesnt fall far from the tree, the are not actually talking about apples and trees they are usually talking about a parent and child relationship.

What does it mean when he says you are more like a friend?

he doesnt like you that way.

How do you If you like him more than a friend?

You will end up smiling without knowing it when someone says his name, when you see him or if he starts talking to you, your throat will feel tight, an you will feel butterflies in your tummy

What does a guy mean if he says can you give you company?

ythat guy doesnt seem to make sense when hes talking then..