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Go on iTunes and delete the app, ask parents help before going online!

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Q: What do you do when an app freezes on your iPod?
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What do you do when an app freezes on your iPod touch?

delete and re download... that's what i do

What happens if an ipod touch app freezes while installing?

I don't no that always happens to me and I can't download apps anymore :( :(

What do you do when on pocket god the app freezes up?

1) press the home button located on the bottom of your ipod/ iphone 2) go back onto your app and enjoy awesome game 

What do you do when you ipod touch app freezes?

Hold the Home button and Sleep button at once until the screen goes black (about 10 seconds). The iPod will then restart, which can take a few minutes.

Why does your ipod freeze up on textplus?

Mine does it too! I think it's because you over use the app and it freezes so if it does just turn your iPod off for a few minutes and it should be fine

What do you do when an iphone app freezes?

What do I do when my facebook app freezes? i checked the update button and everything was updated.

My iPod Touch freezes when i go on you-tube?

My iPod freezes when I go on YouTube what can I do to resolve this problem?

What is an app on the iPod that is equivalent to safari?

On an iPod you will have the safari app already installed

What is the app that makes your iPod look broken?

The ipod app is called iCrack

How do you get the app store on a ipod touch?

The App Store app automatically comes pre-installed in the iPod Touch.

What is a good iPod app?

1 good iPod app would be Paper toss.

How do you get to the iPod app store?

Through an iPod Touch, you have to be connected to Wi-Fi and then you just tap the App Store app.