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I am assuming you are female. That is simply your genes, but thankfully there are things you can do to help your face look slimmer. Go to a good hair stylist and have them style your hair to make your face look narrower. Then go to a good make-up artist and have them teach you how to apply make-up on your face to make your face look slimmer. Even the models you see on magazines and actors have flaws and they are very well covered up by the "artist" the make-up specialist.

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Q: What can you do if you have an average body build but too much weight on your face?
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What are some characteristics of a healthy body image?

There are several different characteristics that depicts a healthy body. Smooth skin, shiny hair, average weight, and no acne on the face.

Is there anyway to build muscle on your face to make it wider?

It will come slowly as you build muscle on the rest of your body. It will come slowly as you build muscle on the rest of your body.

How do you gain weight in the face?

The face is one of the last places to show weight gain so that means you gain in the entire body. Usually, the weight shows up as a double chin on the face. I am not sure it is worth it.

How do guys feel about a girl with an average face and a good body?

A lot of guys like a girl with an average face and a good body. Some also care about how she acts though and what she is like.

When you lose weight do you lose it on your face first?

unfortunately no, you lose weight all over your body at the same time. There is no way for the body to spot reduce fat.

Are the whiteheads in your face really worms that eat the body when you die?

No. Whiteheads would be a build up of oils in your skin.

How can you be a better running back?

Build up your strength and endurance. Build up your thighs by doing squats. Build up your upper body strength by weight training. Build up your endurance by running and doing what is called 'down ups', which is an exercise where you run in place for 5 seconds, fall flat on your face on the ground, count to three, and get back up and do it all over again.

Will your cheeks get flatter if you lose weight?

Generally speaking, weight loss occurs all over the body and not from one particular body part. When a significant amount of weight loss occurs, it is very likely that your cheeks will get flatter as weight is also lost from the face.

How do you get to attract a guy that 3 years older than you but your face is just average?

give him your body?

Can any product or exercise make the face appear slimmer?


If you lose a lot of weight but then eat a lot for two weeks and put on weight around your face will you lose it again quickly by exercising?

generally you lose and gain weight the 'quickest' in your face more so than any other part of your body, so in a word yes.

How do you now quick if someone is using tik?

you can see it in there face in some cases people lose tremendous amount of weight in their face and the whole body this makes the face look saggy and like it has holes in the face the addicts also start to get pimple in their face

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