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There are several different characteristics that depicts a healthy body. Smooth skin, shiny hair, average weight, and no acne on the face.

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Q: What are some characteristics of a healthy body image?
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How can a person promote a healthy body image to their children?

Overall people can just engage interactively with their children to promote a healthy body image. Some ideas would be to include plenty of fruits and vegetables to their children and play with them outside to ensure they are getting plenty of exercise.

What are some characteristics of a barracuda?

There are several characteristics of a barracuda. Some of these characteristics are a fearsome appearance, relatively large size, and a long, fairly compressed body.

What are some healthy foods and why are hay healthy for you?

Apple becaue if you eat apple it,s make your body healthy.

What are other tipes on stopping to be anorexic?

There are many ways to prevent eating disorders form developing. Some of the easiest ways are to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. Also to avoid negative focus on body and to maintain a postivie body image and self-esteem of oneself.

How can you eat more healthy?

you keep your mind healthy your body adjust all you eat &do some exersise

How does the ideal image of a woman's body differ in other cultures?

some are fat and some are thin.

What were some of the physical characteristics of Jesus' body after the crucifixion?

water and blood

What are some mottos?

Mottoes are wordings such as Strength in Unity, or Liberty Equality, Fraternity. Or A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body.

Give some ways to keep our body healthy?

idokls mh

What are some good thesis statements for an essay on body image?

talk about the nervous system

What are some ways to help you not to get the anorexia?

People can prevent anorexia or not develop the eating disorder themselves in many simple ways. The best methods of prevention are maintaing a healthy lifestyle that is very active and a healthy, well-balanced diet. Having good self-esteem and positive body image are very important, too.

Some advise to have high body?

Exercise and eat healthy. Work out often so you feel confident about your body :)