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Don't smoke it and there won't be any side effects

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Q: What can you do about the side effects of smoking herbal weed?
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What are the side effects to smoking weed?

Getting really fcking stoned

What are the side-effects of mixing weed and xanax together then smoking it?


What are the side effects of smoking weed?

you get lazy and hungry and high just don't do it

What are the effects of casual weed smoking?

Weed smoking has become popular in recent years; some people do it to get high, relax, to release anxiety and depression. There are many different ways of consuming weeds, and smoking is the easiest and fast-acting way. Few weed-smoking accessories, such as joints, pipes, blunts, and bongs, can provide different effects. Marijuana or weeds are rolled like a cigarette and then heated with a flame to release the smoke. Devices like pipes & bongs use water for filtration, resulting in thick smoke. Few studies show the possible effects of smoking like impacting the brain's reward system, less vomiting, nausea, a little faster heartbeat as the smoke passes through the lungs, relief from mild pain, and glaucoma. Also, this may induce more appetite & thirst and release more dopamine and cravings for more doses. It can also delay actions and impair memory power for a while, due to which the consumers forget about their life problems for a while. If you are looking for an online delivery website across the USA, you may refer to Grassdoor and buy weed accessories online along with many other products like concentrates, tinctures, drinks, etc.

What are the side-effects of smashing of a xanax and mixing it with weed then smoking it?

Stupidity...among others...

Does smoking weed have the same affects as smoking tobacco?

Not the same effects, but the effects of weed are worse than tobacco.

Side effects of drinking and then smoking weed?

you will get messed up that's the side effect YOU WILL GET SOOOO MESSED UP

What are the good effects of smoking weed?

there are no good effects.

Side effects of smoking marijuana everyday?

it affects your memory,and eventually affect ur breathing,these are the risks of weed

What are the effects from smoking weed?

the best time of your life

What are causes and effects of memory loss?

smoking weed

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