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it affects your memory,and eventually affect ur breathing,these are the risks of weed

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Q: Side effects of smoking marijuana everyday?
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What are some side effects of smoking marijuana through your nose?

lose sense of smell

Can and are there good side effects to smoking Marijuana?

Yes less depressing a better imagination and a better eating habit.

What are the physical side effects of smoking marijuana and having a blot clot?

you will have yellow teeth, bad skin and you will eventually die.

Does smoking help with the pain of cancer?

Smoking what? I can't see how smoking cigarettes would help with pain control, but there is much anecdotal evidence that smoking (or ingesting) marijuana can be helpful with various effects of cancer such as pain, and the side effects of chemotherapy such as nausea and appetite loss.

What are the side effects of continual use of marijuana?

There are many side effects of continual use of marijuana. Some of the side effects of marijuana are extreme sleepiness, nausea, asthma, and urinary tract infections.

What are the side effects of smoking sugar?

why would you be smoking sugar and i really dont know the side effects SORRY

What can you do about side effects from smoking herbal incence?

what can i do about side effects from smoking herbal incense that won't go away

Can you smoke weed while on nor flex?

yes marijuana is a very safe medicine you will not have any side effects while smoking or using marijuana on nor flex or any other thing.

Does smoking pot cause barretts disease?

No deaths or disseases are caused by marijuana. however, There is other side effects. such as memory loss.

Does smoking marijuana lower pregnancy for girls?

No, but if you are already pregnant it could definitely have some negative side effects on the baby - possibly even resulting in a miscarriage.

What are the side effects of smoking marijuana while taking trileptal?

increased rage and sleeplessness. mood swings, lack of apatite.

What are the side effects of smoking catnip?

There are no effects, so "side effects" is the wrong word. Smoking catnip will not get you high. You might as well try smoking the bits of paper from your paper shredder. So the "side effects" (which in this case are actually the effects) would just be coughing and a bad taste in your mouth.