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One can not overdose on marijuana. Long terms effects are no different from cigarette smoking.

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Q: Can you die from smoking weed all the time?
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How many people have died from smoking pot?

There is no way you can die from smoking weed!

How much weed can you smoke untl you die?

no one has died from smoking weed and no one will ever die from smoking mean green so smoke as much as u want peace.

What is worse Smoking Weed or taking Codeine?

your asking if an opiate is safer than weed? Codeine is a painkiller, it is possible to overdose on it. You can't die from weed. Also, codeine is physically addictive, weed is not.

Can weed get in your system if your setting next to someone who is smoking?

Yes, secondhand marijuana smoke can be detected in your system, but the levels are typically much lower than if you were actively smoking. The amount of THC in your system will depend on factors such as the proximity to the person smoking, duration of exposure, ventilation, and frequency of exposure.

Could you die drom smoking weed that is 20 or more years old?

no you can not die from any weed unless you smoke three times your body weight in 2 hours which is impossible but 20 year old weed will get you high

Did Bruce smoke weed?

Yes he did. To the previous unintelligent answerer, you can't die from smoking pot. Bruce died from a cerebral hemorrhage which is not related to marijuana at all.

Why did I almost blackout while I was smoking weed ive been smoking for 10 years at least and don't tell me I am going to die weed can't kill you I am not dumb?

Just chill out and take a little T break man. your bud aint goin anywhere

Does smoking weed make you fatter or skinner?

Weed is a drug. So dont do it. And it will make you thin. too thin. like freakishly gross thin. It will also make parts of your brain die.

Has anyone ever died from smoking weed?

No, Marjuana is one of the safest substances known to man. by comparison, a dose of aspirin is 200 mgs, but you can die from taking 3000mgs. You would have to smoke a rediculous amount of cannibis all at once, around 250,000 times the amount needed to get high. You can never die from such a beautiful plant anyway.

Can you die of using marijuana?

you can not die, or overdose, from smoking weed. in the long term you can develop cancer from all the smoke.

You been smoking weed for like ten years is this bad?

Yes it is bad. Weed can cause a heart attack, give you cancer, damage your brain, raise your blood pressure, and 11% of the people who die in fatal accidents have been on weed. I say this is not good stuff.

How many out of how many people die or are harmed by smoking?

each year four million people die of smoking all around the world but in the us 430,000 to435,000 die of smoking but each day 1,192 die and 227 famous people die already