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There are no healthy advantages of an unhealthy diet. An unhealthy diet is an unhealthy diet.

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Q: What are the healthy advantages of an unhealthy diet?
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Not healthy in French?

depends what you mean. do you mean an unhealthy PERSON, unhealthy CONDITIONS or an unhealthy DIET. Person- maladif/maladive Diet- malsain(e) Conditions- insalubre

Why should you have a healthy diet?

Having a healthy diet assures that your body has the nutrition that it needs to carry out its activities. An unhealthy diet can lead to obesity and disease.

Compare healthy eyes and unhealthy eyes?

Because you eat fatty foods, your body becomes unhealthy and you may have health problems. A healthy diet or watching what we eat is very important.

Why is pastry at the top of the healthy diet pyramid?

Because the more the food is unhealthy the higher it will be on the pyramid, but follow the new diet pyramid

What are some suggestions for prepared diet meals?

This website should tell you about healthy diet meals and the unhealthy stuff you want to avoid.

Are teenagers unhealthy?

It depends on the teenagers: if they eat too much sweets and hardly ever do sports or eat a balanced diet. Most teenagers are healthy, BUT there is a quite high number of unhealthy teenagers. Otherwise, there are more healthy teenagers!

What can a person do to avoid becoming unhealthy?

Staying healthy is the best way to avoid becoming unhealthy. The traditional method seems to still be the best; diet and exercise.

What is a triglycerides diet?

A triglycerides diet is when you when have a healthy diet, and suddenly switch to a unhealthy diet. Your body goes to shock, more specifically your stomach because the sudden change of food you consumed.

How does weight affect blood pressure?

Weight loss with a healthy diet and exercise can ultimately reduce blood pressure. Note I said HEALTHY diet. Not eating the recommended calorie intake a day or just eating unhealthy food in a lesser amount is not a healthy diet.

What can a bad diet do to your body?

The only bad diet would be unhealthy fasting, this could leave to starvation, improper body development, unhealthy weight loss. A healthy diet is never enough, you also need exercise, if a diet alone is working, get off of it before you starve to death.

How does sex affect your balance diet?

unhealthy foods can make it go low and healthy can make it go up

How can a healthy diet effet the on set of chronic illnesses?

A healthy diet can help your body fight off illness. It may also stop chronic illness before it starts. Having an unhealthy diet can contribute to a variety of health problems.