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Because the more the food is unhealthy the higher it will be on the pyramid, but follow the new diet pyramid

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Q: Why is pastry at the top of the healthy diet pyramid?
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What are facts about the food pyramid?

the bottom of the pyramid is the healthiest and the top is the least for ur diet

What is at the top of the food pyramid?

the old food pyramid had sweets like ice cream on the top. the new one has whatever is the least healthy in the 6 categories.

Do you eat your way to the top or the bottom of the food pyramid when planning a good diet?

You eat you way to the top. You eat you way to the top.

Why is the healthy eating food pyramid in the shape of a pyramid?

The healthy eating pyramid is in the shape of a pyramid so that when a person looks at it, they can tell that down the bottom is what you eat the most of, and it goes up from there till it reaches the top and that's where you eat the least.

When using a food pyramid do you start at the top or the bottom?

The goal of the food pyramid is a visual cue to remind all that the bulk of the diet comes from the foundation (bottom) of the pyramid. As you scale the pyramid, the quantity necessary to ensure adequate nutrition decreases.

What is the significance of the shape of the food pyramid?

The food pyramid is designed to help you better understand what you should eat everyday. It's shape is no accident. The old food pyramid used its shape to represent the amount of each group you should include in your diet. The bottom and middle of the pyramid, the largest part of the pyramid, represents the largest part of your diet. The top and smallest part of the pyramid, represents the nutrients that should be eaten conservatively. The new food pyramid still uses a pyramid shape, but instead uses the pyramid to represent the importance of physical activity. This new pyramid depicts a person walking up stairs to the top of the pyramid, depicting regular exercise.

How are the organism arranged in the food pyramid?

The top has the healthy foods. The bottom has unhealthier foods. This is the reason the 'food pyramid guy' is running the steps to the top. He does this for nutritious food and exercise(Both good for you.)

How can you lose your muffin top and love handles?

Work out weekly on your abs and keep a healthy diet

Why is maintaining a healthy diet important in college?

So you can learn. Your brain needs to be in top shape.

How do Italian foods relate to the food guide pyramid?

If eating Italian foods according to the food pyramid, your diet would consist largely of pasta and bread. Olive oil, fish, and cured meats would be at the top of the pyramid.

Why are biscuits found at the top of the food pyraimd?

Unfortunately biscuits are not found at the top of the food pyramid. The food pyramid has become a plate with the correct portions we are supposed to eat at meal times. Grains are an important part of our diet but not the most important.

What are some good healthy heart diet plans?

Heart health is very important, and it is great that you want to keep your ticker in tip-top shape. Here are some links to the best plans: