Are teenagers unhealthy

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It depends on the teenagers: if they eat too much sweets and hardly ever do sports or eat a balanced diet. Most teenagers are healthy, BUT there is a quite high number of unhealthy teenagers. Otherwise, there are more healthy teenagers!

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No, not all teenagers are unhealthy.

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Q: Are teenagers unhealthy
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Are teenagers health or not?

Teenagers can be healthy or unhealthy, just like adults and kids. It just depends on the influence of parents.

Why are teenagers really unhealthy?

not all teens are unhealthy just the ones that can't be bothered to eat healthy and exercise (not to be offensive to anyone specific)

How many unhealthy teenagers are there?

all of em! fatso's ^^^^^^^^^^ this person doesn't know the healthy ones then

Are teenagers unhelthly?

Teenagers are no exception in life. Everyone (Children, Adults, Elderly people & Teens) are all different. Some are very healthy or unhealthy, and some are average.

How much can a teenager carry?

There are known to be teenagers who have reached over 400 pounds. Although a few teenagers CAN carry this weight, it is certainly unhealthy, as well as limiting one's lifespan.

How much weight can a teenager carry?

There are known to be teenagers who have reached over 400 pounds. Although a few teenagers CAN carry this weight, it is certainly unhealthy, as well as limiting one's lifespan.

Why are are teenagers on the risk of being obesity?

because of companies selling them things that taste good but are unhealthy like McDonalds, chocolate, lollies

Are today's teenagers unhealthy?

Only some teenagers are unhealthy, but there is a much bigger number of healthy teens, which play sports and have a balanced diet.

Are most teenagers unhealthy or healthy?

It really depends on your perspective. I mean, in general teenagers are healthier than adults because they're younger, and great health comes with youth! On top of an incredibly fast metabolism, teens have very strong immune systems. By the way, this is just teenagers. Very young children are actually more comparable to the elderly, in terms of certain aspects of health, than to teenagers. Anyway, teenagers are also known to do some unhealthy things. For one thing, they drink and eat fairly unhealthy beverages and foods. Energy drinks, sodas, chips, all of that. It seems they also spend a lot of time playing video games, and this seems to facilitate the unhealthy diet. You wouldn't believe how fast a 12 pack of pepsi disappears when you're playing a video game. This isn't necessarily all teenagers by the way, but it's a good portion of them. Anyway, many of them also don't get outside that often in terms of exercise. Sure, schools have gym classes, but it's been shown that gym class doesn't actually increase exercise time that much. Basically it comes down to, if a teenager doesn't want to exercise in gym, they're not going to. I feel a little hesitant about saying 'most teens' because I try to avoid generalizations. However, I'll go for it! Most teens are unhealthy because of poor diet paired with lack of exercise. The thing is, you'd be surprised what the teenage body can handle. For many teenagers, as long as these habits don't continue into adulthood, they're usually healthy as adults. Teenagers can take a punch went it comes to these kinds of things!

What are the healthy advantages of an unhealthy diet?

There are no healthy advantages of an unhealthy diet. An unhealthy diet is an unhealthy diet.

Why do we need to eat healthy?

Because unhealthy eating will have unhealthy effects on the human body. Unhealthy effects are unhealthy.

Who listens to music more adults or teenagers?


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