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Marijuana has a few different effects on the body. For one it can cause slight short term memory complications. It can also cause drowsiness and abnormal eating habits. As far as I know, that's basically it. I'm sure the smoke has other effects on parts of the body, namely the lungs, but that's a separate thing. Marijuana itself, as far as I know, doesn't really affect you any other way. It also depends on your tolerance to it, the more marijuana you use, the less you'll probably experience any of these symptoms. I know since I became a habitual user, the only above listed symptom I experience from it anymore is drowsiness.

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Q: What are some of the effects that marijuana has on the body?
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What are some physical effects on the body when marijuana is smaoked?

dialated pupils

What are some marijuana short and long term effects on the body?

you act stupid ,eyes become bloodshot

What are some effects of marijuana?

dryness of mouth

What are the side effects of continual use of marijuana?

There are many side effects of continual use of marijuana. Some of the side effects of marijuana are extreme sleepiness, nausea, asthma, and urinary tract infections.

What are the long and short term effects for marijuana?

There are none of either because marijuana is not bad for your body to a degree that you can see effects of short and long term. Possible laziness?

Can amphetamine clean your body of marijuana with its side effects?

No. You can stop doing marijuana and use amphetamines instead, then it will no longer be in your system.

Can marijuana effect your bladder?

It effects your whole body and most of all your brain.

What does synthetic marijuana mean?

Synthetic marijuana refers to man-made chemicals that are designed to mimic the effects of marijuana when smoked or ingested. These substances are often sold under names like K2 or Spice, and can have unpredictable and dangerous effects on the body, leading to serious health risks.

What neutralizes the effects of marijuana?

There is no specific substance that can completely neutralize the effects of marijuana. The effects of marijuana will gradually wear off on their own as the drug is metabolized by the body. Time, rest, and hydration are commonly recommended to help manage the effects.

Does marijuana make your blood weak?

there is no medical evidence of harmfull effects of thc on body.

What is the negative effects of bhang in body?

It has the same effect as marijuana, I think.

What are some effects that marijuana have on a newborn?

it will make them deformed haha