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The effects of alcohol on the mind are largely a result of the drinker's "alcohol expectancies." We tend to react to alcohol in terms of what we think it does to us. People who falsely believe they are consuming alcohol will act intoxicated!

The effects of alcohol on the body depend on how much and how often we drink. Consuming alcohol regularly and in moderation is associated with better health and greater longevity than is either abstaining from alcohol or abusing it.

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Q: What are factors that influence te effects of alcohol on the mind and body?
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What are three factors which influence the effect alcohol has on the body?

Three factors that influence the effect alcohol has on the body are the following:Whether or not the individual has had something to eat prior to the consumption of the alcohol or during the consumption of the alcohol,whether or not the individual is taking any type of pills or medication prior to or with the consumption of alcohol, andhow much alcohol is consumed by the individual.

The effects of alcohol are a general stimulant of the functions of the brain and body?

The effects of alcohol are a general stimulant of the functions of the brain and body.

What does alcohol effect in your body?

alcohol effects your immune system and your liver.

What effects do drugs and alcohol and smoking and diet have on muscles?

effects of drugs,diet,,smoking,alcohol on the body

How do you get alcohol out of the body?

Drink water, then sleep you body will work of the effects and get rid of the alcohol by itself

What are the short term effects for alcohol on your body?


What are the effects on the human body from drinking alcohol?

There are many different things that can happen to a human body when alcohol is consumed. Damage to the liver, damage to the brain, vomiting, and passing out are all effects of alcohol.

What is the rate of absorption of alcohol and what effects it?

The rate of absorption of alcohol is basically how fast you get drunk (On the other hand, the rate of metabolism controls how soon you get sober).Many factors affect just how quickly you get drunk, how fast you sober up, and when all the alcohol is finally eliminated from your body. These 3 stages are known as Absorption, Distribution and Elimination.Absorption is the passage of alcohol into the blood.Distribution is the temporary placement of alcohol into body tissues.Elimination is the removal of alcohol from the bodyThe BAC or blood alcohol concentration (what cops check for) reflects the amount of alcohol in the body at a given moment.Major factors that influence the BAC and all stages of alcohol in the body are:amount of food in the stomach ( the more food the slower the absorption)type and quantity of alcoholweightgenderUse the Blood Alcohol Calculator below (click on link) to estimate your blood alcohol level at a given time.

Is there any Possible effects on the body for alcohol?

There are many positive effects on the body from drinking alcohol in moderation, including better health and greater longevity than abstaining from it.

What are the factors that influence body type?

Nutritional intake

How alcohol acts on the body?

In moderation, alcohol contributes to better health and greater longevity than abstaining from it. Abusing alcohol can have undesirable effects on the body.

What can influence a persons blood alcohol concentration?

Factors that can influence a person's blood alcohol concentration (BAC) include but are not limited to gender, physical size, rate of consumption, presence or absence of food in the stomach, and the type of food consumed,

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