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Sweetheart, you're not bleeding out of your butt. The blood is dripping down to your butt. Put a second pad on the back if your underwear or use a tampon.

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Q: Should you bleed out your butt when laying down during your period?
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How much blood does a woman bleed during her period?

It varies from woman to woman. I think with a normal period you bleed about 7Tbs.

Why does my period stop at night but I bleed during the day?


Is it OK to bleed in early pregnancy for 8 days almost like a period?

You should contact your doctor for any bleeding during a pregnancy.

If you are not a virgin or on your period or infected with any STDs why did you bleed during sex?

You should consider doing a Pap test. It can be a sign of Cervical Cancer.

Does a turtle bleed days after laying eggs?


Can you have your period but not bleed while on birth control?

If you don't bleed, you don't have a period. You can't have a period and not bleed.

What happens if you bleed too much on your period?

you should see a doctor

How often do you bleed when your on your period?

When you are on your period you will bleed 24/7.

What are the chances of getting your period while actually being pregnant when you have several pregnancy symptoms?

It is possible to have a period like bleed during early pregnancy. But the bleeding is usually light and never a heavy, normal period bleed.

Should a woman bleed for more than two weeks?

In general, a woman should not bleed for more than two weeks when she is on her period. Even after childbirth the general rule of thumb is that a new mother will bleed for about 2 weeks. However, sometimes her period will last longer than that.

If you have finished your period and then get a cold can you bleed?

No because if your period is finished, then you can no longer bleed until your next period.

Would a woman be pregnant if she had her period for a day?

if you bleed when you are pregnant it doesn't necessarily mean its your period or you have had a miss carriage. a lot of women bleed during pregnancy so you will still be pregnant if it doesn't hurt x