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One on each side of the record.

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Q: Number of grooves in a vinyl record?
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What is shiny and round but you can only me once to save information in my spiral grooves?

Hmmm, permaybehaps a vinyl audio record? They sound good, warm almost, when you listen to them nowadays. AT

What is a vinyl record cover called?

A vinyl record sleeve

What is a rsn number?

It can stand for record serial number which were serial numbers placed on vinyl records.

Can you play a shellac record on a vinyl player?

Yes, but you should replace the needle and/or cartridge first. The grooves on shellac records have a different size than vinyl records and if you use a vinyl needle on a shellac record, you can damage both the record and the needle. Look on ebay for a "78rpm stylus" and find one that will fit in your cartridge. It'll generally cost around $20 (of course there are more expensive options like replacing the cartridge or higher quality styli).

What part of a record is vinyl when they refer to vinyl record?

It's all vinyl with a label attached made of paper usually glued to the center.

What was the original vinyl record made of?

The original vinyl record was made of vinyl. The original phonographic recording was made by Thomas A. Edison on a wax cylinder.

How does music get stored on vinyl records?

I am going to give the simplified explaination: Sound is made of waves, these waves are cut into records as grooves. Based on the amplitude and frequency, the groove changes. A needle runs in this groove and transfers the vibrations to a diaphragm. From here a preamp picks up the sound and amplifies it to a level that is reasonable for the stereo to reproduce. The stereo amplifies this signal to whatever volume your choose.

Where can you find a vinyl record store?

Vinyl record storage containers may be purchased at Etsy or iCubes. Vinyl record storage containers allow the temperature and humidity to be controlled and thus preserving the media for optimal quality.

What was the name of hydes record store in that 70s show?

Grooves Record Store. At first he just manages Grooves, but then WB (his dad) decides to close all the Grooves stores and gives Hyde the last one. Hyde then owns the store.

When was the last vinyl record made?

vinyl records are still made to this day.

Is Rubbing alcohol good for cleaning vinyl records?

i have heard that the alcohol can weakan the grooves making it sound a bit less deep and not as bassy it slowly dizzolves away the grooves pretty much

Which audio recording method records sounds wave directly?

Originally, that's how Thomas Edison's method worked... they spoke into a horn, and the needle scratched grooves into the media. Similarly, they make the master of a vinyl record in the same way, as I understand it.