What is a vinyl record cover called?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A vinyl record sleeve

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Q: What is a vinyl record cover called?
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What is the value of a Sam Cooke vinyl record in good condition with its cover?

$15 to $50 dollars

What do the letters CW BW stand for on vinyl records?

B/W Backed WithCW Cover Wear/WornThe following link is a list of vinyl record abbreviations:

What part of a record is vinyl when they refer to vinyl record?

It's all vinyl with a label attached made of paper usually glued to the center.

The turntable technique that consists of moving a vinyl record forward and backward with your hand while the record is playing is called?


What was the original vinyl record made of?

The original vinyl record was made of vinyl. The original phonographic recording was made by Thomas A. Edison on a wax cylinder.

What is a vinyl?

If you are talking about vinyl as in someone saying "I love that song, I have it on vinyl", then it is a record pressed on a vinyl material. It is also called an album or an LP (long playing). Vinyl records stopped being produced after the invention of 8-track tapes, cassette tapes, CDs and DVDs. They can still be played today on a record player or turntable attached to the stereo system.

Where can you find a vinyl record store?

Vinyl record storage containers may be purchased at Etsy or iCubes. Vinyl record storage containers allow the temperature and humidity to be controlled and thus preserving the media for optimal quality.

How much are old vinyl records worth from the 30 and 4o 50?

It depends on the condition of the record, and if it's an LP, the cover. As well, it depends on the collectability of the record itself. If you have a question about a particular record, it would be easier to answer. Check out a used record store and ask them what they would pay for "album x". Most 2d hand stores or antique stores are offering vinyl LP's at $1.00 and they aren't selling very fast.

When was the last vinyl record made?

vinyl records are still made to this day.

What is is the vinyl record made of?

Usually vinyl, some recycled vinyl does appear in some cheaper records, but sometimes virgin vinyl is available.

Who made vinyl record?

In 1888, Emile Berliner invented the lateral-cut disc records for the phonograph (gramophone). His record label was called "Berliner Gramophone."

How do you know if your record is made from vinyl and not PVC?

PVC stands for poly VINYL chloride.